Facade stone and. sustainable development – in 2024 we create responsibly

Facade stone, sustainability and Nature – is it possible? It turns out that it does. The year 2024 in our company is a time to continue ideas full of innovation and creativity when it comes to space design solutions such as façade stone. It’s also a time to return to authenticity and focus on connecting with Nature. Every day, as a fast-growing company, we face the need to use smart technology and transform spaces into personalized havens. That is, those that meet your needs and allow you to take care of Nature.

Max Stone Facade Stone

NSE, our facade stone and the true meaning of “sustainable architecture”

It seems that there are things so important that they do not allow for compromise. For example: healthy food cannot be tasty. And concern for Nature does not go beyond the scope of the term: “unpolluted nature.” Is this really the case?

As a company that wants to reconcile production processes with concern for Nature, we believe that it is now becoming a necessity to find ways to smart, technical development:

  • One who loves Nature.
  • One that sustains natural goods while understanding the essence of technological development.

In other words, this is where the definition of “sustainable architecture” comes in. It’s a synthesis.

Max Stone for facade

“Sustainable architecture”, concern for Nature and… façade stone

As human beings, we are aware that we are “consuming” the Earth’s capital faster than Nature’s ability to regenerate. Therefore, we implement solutions that harmonize with Nature and balance what is necessary. These are the expectations and needs of We the People and businesses with the right of the environment not to be destroyed.

Today, thanks to the availability of technological solutions, we can harmonize with Nature. And this was the idea when we created NSE (Natural Stone Effect). This is an innovative technology that is changing the decoration of your spaces when it comes to stone for facades.

NSE, facade stone and… responsible approach to business

NSE is our proprietary UV-light printing method, in line with our CSR activities. With NSE, we can imitate different types of stone with high precision, enjoying the beauty of the stone. It does not require the exploitation of natural resources. In this way, we take care of the common good – Nature.

The UV inks we use during production with NSE technology do not contain solvents. So they are safe for the environment. What’s more, they are also suitable for use indoors. And the end result?

This is our innovative decorative stone for facades, which satisfies customers’ visual expectations. In addition, Max Stone for exterior facades is also easy to install and has self-cleaning properties. We designed it to minimize the formation of stains. This is an expression of concern for Nature and our customers, who do not have to spend time on impregnation and then regular, time-consuming cleaning, which is generally required by stone for the facade of a building.

Stone for the exterior facade

Facade stone – where can you find it?

You can find our façade stone in a network of stores with whom we cooperate and for whom concern for Nature is equally important > Our Stores

Sustainability – an alternative to “reducing consumption”?

We now understand that life is nothing but the consumption of resources: water, stone, materials… Until now it was thought that, in order to protect Nature, we should reduce consumerism. So, it was believed that human and natural needs could not exist in symbiosis.

Today we prove that it doesn’t have to be that way. And the key is responsible, sustainable development, based on technological innovation. Above all, for us, it is also an important condition for development in daily production, for products such as facade stone.

In 2024, we are growing even faster and RESPONSIBLY

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