Max-Stone is an expression of fascination with the space in which a person functions. It is a continuous, continuous since 2004, exploration of its possibilities and facing its limitations. It is a constant search for ways to make it beautiful, comfortable and practical. This is how decorative tiles, facade stone, wooden and upholstered panels, slats, board cladding are created – everything that arranging space begins with, so that it becomes “its” only place on Earth. A place where you want to be and where you want to come back.

Extensive experience has resulted in a unique offer – modern, durable and designer decorative materials for walls both inside and outside buildings. Long presence on the market has enabled us to build lasting and positive relationships with the largest distribution networks in the country, thanks to which Max-Stone products are available to a wider range of customers.

Max-Stone consists of two brands today. The first one, which takes its name from the company’s name, includes decorative tiles and stones as well as facade cladding. The younger one, FLLOW, complements the former with soft upholstered panels, slats on felt and wooden panels. All this so that the space can change into a unique place. Your place.



Our main inspiration is nature. Our headquarters is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, in the Low Beskids. Drawing from the multitude of textures, simple but original colors and forms, we create a product that combines the beauty of nature and contemporary design.


We approach the entire process of creating our products with exceptional passion and sensitivity. Concern for the final effect and care for even the smallest detail are our guiding principles, which we combine with our knowledge, experience and intuition. Our specialists handcraft all prototypes with exceptional dedication.


Timeless design and versatility of applications mean that in our items everyone will find a part of themselves. This is evidenced by the comprehensiveness and complementarity of the Max-Stone brand. Our products can fit into any style.


A modern investor is a conscious and demanding business partner. Seeing how important quality is to him, we take care of every detail of our products. During many years of activity in the industry, we have developed modern and innovative production processes that allow us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


We believe that the basis of everything is continuous development. Every day we follow technological possibilities, new products and creation processes. We train and listen to our customers to better respond to the current market needs.


We know how much the development of the economy has on the environment. At Max-Stone, we consciously choose the origin of semi-finished products, e.g. using demolition and recycled materials. Going a step further, we are working on the latest technology that will allow us to significantly reduce transport, and thus the amount of carbon footprint.


We are one of the most recognizable Polish brands offering decorative tiles and stones. During many years of activity, thanks to passion, experience and mindfulness, we have become an undoubted leader on the market. Our key clients are DIY stores in Poland and abroad.

Believing that the key to success is openness, understanding and flexibility, we have created a completely new line of products. Fllow is the younger sister of Max-Stone. These are comprehensive product solutions for interior design, combining decorative and acoustic properties. In our permanent offer you will find upholstered panels, slats and wooden panels. Meet Flow



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Anna Wójcik

Vice President of the Board

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Production director


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