Red brick – an idea for a unique interior

Red brick is a raw, but very grateful finishing material. With its help, each room will gain an original and unique character. Which one exactly? It depends only on your imagination – properly dressed brick can introduce a rustic, industrial, classic and even modern atmosphere to the interior.


Red brick is one of the oldest materials used in construction. Gothic cathedrals, Art Nouveau tenement houses and 19th-century factories were built from it. For centuries, brick has been appreciated for its durability, high insulation parameters and low price. Relatively recently, we discovered another advantage of this solution – high aesthetic values.

Today, red brick is a real interior design hit! Designers and interior architects have fallen in love with this finishing material and willingly use it in many modern arrangements.

Brick-like tiles – a modern and durable solution

Classic red brick has a unique character, but unfortunately it does not always work. A brick wall requires a lot of space, and it is not suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms with high humidity. Fortunately, in Max-Stone you will find a modern alternative to classic cladding – brick-like tiles. The offered material perfectly reflects the appearance and texture of real brick, and is also lighter and much easier to transport or assemble. Modern brick also provides a more interesting visual effect – you can choose brick-like tiles in various forms and shades of red.

When is it worth choosing brick-like tiles? It is a perfect solution for anyone who dreams of a quick, inexpensive and independent metamorphosis of the interior. Installation of the tiles is extremely simple, which is why even a novice interior decorator will be able to handle them on the wall.

Arrangements with red brick in the living room

What interior design style does red brick match? In fact, both classic brick and brick-like tiles will work in many styles. With the help of these materials, you can bring an industrial, classic, rustic, Scandinavian, even modern character to the living room – it all depends on what accessories and colors you choose.

To give the living room a rustic or Scandinavian character, break the red brick with bright colors, warm accessories (we especially recommend those made of wood or natural fabrics) and furniture with a light form. If you dream of a retro-style arrangement, set brick with old, stylized furniture, decorations inspired by classic style and dark, expressive colors of the walls. On the other hand, you can achieve a loft-style decor by combining red brick with raw elements: a concrete floor, visible pipes, lamps without lampshades and heavy metal furniture.

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