Grand NERO, or How to Add Character and Elegance to Your Interior

Decorative tiles have become an indispensable element of contemporary interior design. They add character, texture, and unique charm to rooms. Among today’s interior design trends, a bold but interesting choice is a black tile with a stone texture. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created our product, Grand NERO.

Aranżacja czarnego kamienia w biurze

Style and Elegance

Grand NERO is synonymous with style and elegance. Its deep shade perfectly harmonizes with various color palettes, from light neutral tones to vibrant and intense colors. This tile is minimalist in its nature, which means that its simplicity fits perfectly into both modern and classic interiors.

The universality of this decorative stone allows for many unique combinations; it works great in conjunction with metal furniture but is also not averse to wood. Are you looking for a way to add a sense of elegance to your interior? Grand NERO could be the solution that exceeds all your expectations.


One of the biggest assets of Grand NERO is its texture. Natural irregularities and subtle patterns add depth and character to interiors. The minimalist patterns and simple lines of the product are extremely attractive to people who value aesthetics and harmony in interior design.

The minimalist but noticeable pattern draws attention without dominating the space. By imitating dark stones on the wall, we can easily draw attention to the most important parts of the room, such as the multimedia set or decorative elements like paintings or photos.

Aranżacja Grand NERO w salonie


Grand NERO can also serve as a contrasting element in rooms. Contrast is one of the most effective ways to give interiors dynamism and expressiveness. Therefore, this tile can be an excellent choice, especially when the interior is kept in light colors or has delicate patterns.

Thanks to Grand NERO, specific areas or elements in the room can be highlighted. For example, if your walls are in light shades, a black tile around the fireplace or on one of the walls can create a striking contrast. You can also use it as a finish for illuminated shelves or as a contrasting frame for mirrors and pictures.


Black Grand NERO tiles can also be used to optically enlarge the space. Rooms with small footage often seem overwhelming and cramped. However, the black color, skillfully applied, can change the impression and make them more spacious.

For small rooms, it is recommended to use black tiles on one or two walls, preferably those that are well lit by natural light. The dark wall reflects light interestingly, creating the illusion of more space and depth. As a result, the room becomes more open and spacious.

Sypialnia z czarnym kamieniem Grand NERO

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